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Fully typed form state management system for React.

No magic, ref free. It's built for complicated form state management.


Support strong typed form state. Every form should have two kind of types:

  1. form state before validation
  2. state after validation succeed

i.e. before validation, a field named "bio" might be nullable ({bio: null | string}) but it must not empty to submit ({bio: zod.string().nonempty()}).

Also considers:

  • No ref, DOM free
  • High performance, high tuning possibility
    • Mayoiga uses "external state and selector" pattern. You can built your own form if you known what you would like to

Features does not support

  • Short coding

It's not a library for short coding or copy and paste template.


const schema = zod.object({
name: zod.string(),
age: zod
.transform((val) => Number(val))
.refine((val) => (Number.isNaN(val) ? 0 : val)),
marked: zod.literal(true),

type BeforeValidation = {
name: string;
age: string;
marked: boolean;

const {
components: {Field, Slicer},
} = createFormHook({name:'test', age: '42', marked: false} as BeforeValidation, schema);

function App() {
const submitHandler = handleSubmit((e) => (result) => {
if (result.error) {
return alert('Err!');
console.log(result.data); /*
name: 'test',
age: 42, <- age is typed "number" before validation because of definition
marked: true, <- have to be "true", not as boolean. it's power of zod

return (
<form onSubmit={handleSubmit(onSubmit)}>
<Field name="name">{(tool) => <input {...tool} />}</Field>
<Field name="age">{(tool) => <input {...tool} />}</Field>
<Field name="marked">{(tool) => <input {...tool} />}</Field>
<input type="submit" />

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